Strength To Last A Lifetime

Wrestling is not luck — it is about the physical and mental preparation to outlast and overcome any challenger. The Trojan War molded some of mythology's fiercest warriors — the McDowell Trojans wrestling program molds confident, resilient, and fearless young men who will help shape its future. To many, wrestling isn't just a sport — it's life.

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Grow through the McDowell Wrestling Program

Begin McDowell Wrestling as a boy; leave as a man. Through each level of our program, your child will cultivate the skills necessary for success on the mat and off.
  • The Novice Wrestling Program builds a foundation for beginner wrestlers in their first or second year with the sport, most of whom are 6 to 9 years old.
  • The Advanced Youth Wrestling Program expands your child's wrestling skillset and helps master the fundamentals; for wrestlers up until their 6th-grade year.
  • The McDowell Junior High Wrestling Program (7th,8th, and 9th grade) prepares wrestlers for the more experienced competition they will face in high school.
  • The McDowell JV and Varsity Wrestling Programs include wrestlers at the high school level (9th through 12th grade), who compete within PIAA District 10.


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